To give thoughts form,
For the joy of all
The Fuji Seimitsu Kougyou values communication,
I support the manufacturing of the customer.
I am consistent from a plan, specifications making to installation and give a service
It is data uniform management through from a design to inspection Guarantee of quality
Promotion of the waste management activities (the 3 Rs)
Company Overview
Equipment introduction
It recruits friends working with us!
Do you not deal with worthwhile work?
Pursuit of the technology
I lay emphasis on various welfare program and back it up so that all employees can live a comprehensive life in without worry.
Characteristic of the Fuji Seimitsu Kougyou Co., Ltd.
Pursuit of the technological capability
An inexperienced person is welcome, too!
I value joy of the manufacturing and master technological capability through work.
Open communication workplace environment
Open communication workplace environment
Our company values communication. A gentle senior instructs even the those who of the inexperienced person clearly.
Substantial welfare program
Substantial welfare program
I publish our latest event or news information.
I updated a homepage.
Question, discussion to us
Please feel free to contact us.
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